Wednesday, January 12, 2011

yesyes i didn't cut my hair short. still rapunzel long okay? ^^


sometimes i seriously don't know what should i blog about. because im hooked up with a new hobby - Mahjong. Besides massive dota session, now i've got massive mahjong sessions with my friends. Losing and winning money, part and parcel of everyday life. And i'm 2 weeks away from my psychology test how great is that. yada ya da~ i being random because i don't know what should i blog about. I'm so lazy to take photos, with exception! besides using desiree's iphone4, i don't want use other cameras to take photos already! not even other people's iphone4.

okay im ending here. doing a short post because im going to bed. goodnight!

ps: people that dance well are extremely hot.

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