Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A new start

I can't believe I actually deleted my blog that i've been blogging for years! No matter how rusting and old, rotting and dirty it can be, i still kept it up since I was in primary school. Just GREAT.

No la, actually I just wanted something new and demolish everything that had happened in the past. I just wanted a space to rant. That's the ultimate purpose. No tagboards, no nothing. oh maybe my twitter. Alright, I know I haven't been updating my previous blog for months now and no one knows what's going on with my life expect for my best friends, family and love. I've been passing my life pretty well. (I think I have, oops) Had been dota-ing away these past few days when I KNOW MY MID TERM TESTS ARE COMING. (don't remind me of it) But yeah, i've stopped working so often because it's affecting my social life as well as my health.

Okay, right now I'm sitting right in front of my laptop trying to study ASR, applied social research. It's horrible! The minute I open my textbook it feels like lullaby. And i've got basic nutrition and food and L.A.W (ageing subject) to study. These subjects gives you nightmares and haunt you because even when you are dreaming, you dream about carbohydrates proteins and the food you eat scares you out from your sleep! (just kidding la)

So ultimately I was sick and had MC for 2 days down with throat swelling and I went back to school today with god damn diarrhoea the previous night. And now my stomach is churning and i feel dehydrated, and my pimples are popping out and and and... I don't know, I just feel like shit. So I should just go and study.



Will blog again! さよăȘら!

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